Installing Omnis 5.0.1 under Windows 7

Peter van Rooij petervanrooij29 at
Fri Mar 22 05:13:41 EDT 2013

Hello All

I am trying to install Omnis 5.0.1 to a Windows 7 computer.
I downloaded the right Setup.exe from (version 5.0.1), but after installing (and I tried several times), there is no Java-folder created in the root of the OmnisFolder; There is a java folder in de xcomp-folder, but I assume that is for javascript.
I need to install our own jar-file into the java-folder in the root.
When I copy the java-folder from a colleage who already has Omnis 5.0.1 installed on his windows 7 computer, things don't work (well that is not so surprising but one tries).
My Omnis does not seem to recognize this new , copied folder and deleting the cache1.dat file will not result in Omnis recaching the jars.

I have not installed Omnis in the programs-folder, but in a folder of my own choice.

Does anyone recognize this problem and is there a solution available?

Thanks in advance


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