Looking for talented folks

Andy Hilton andyh at totallybrilliant.com
Thu Mar 21 11:36:02 EDT 2013


I have a large project I am bidding on which, if successful, will require me to find additional brain power for probably the better part of a year on an ad-hoc basis starting in June of this year.....

I need folks with skills in :

Adapting our framework for use with accessibility tools, so low level integration of allowing the app to be operational without a mouse, and for all fields, labels etc to be 'speakable' - a not insignificant challenge !

Integration of our Omnis app with various technologies such as a SAP interface, Single Sign In technology and the like....

Web design and further work on our Django/Python/Omnis combination

If anyone feels they can fit this bill in whole or part, please feel free to contact me off list and I would be happy to go through it further.....I am envisaging all work can be done remotely.......


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