Bright idea for window problem needed

Bob Fiering bob at
Mon Mar 18 07:31:06 EDT 2013

Hi All,

I am stuck in a problem regarding my window sizes.
My main windows are 1200 x 660. Above the main window is a separate menu window 1200 x 54.
The main window is resizable but at a minimum 1200 x 660.
So users can not make a window smaller than I designed it to be.

No problem so far. With the current screen size en resolutions of laptops and desktops it fits fine. Now I have a customer where two employees have their screen zoomed in at 150% because some weird program they use.
This means the bottom my main windows are not visible on the screen.

I was thinking of creating a User preference for showing vertical scrollbars.
People who has this option 'off' see the original screen without the scrollbar, others will see the window with a vertical scroll bar.

Does anyone has a better idea? And does my thinking is correct, because when i add coding in the construct of the window for enabling and showing $vscroll it is not visible and a few pixels of the top of my window are not visible anymore.

Hope this all make sense.
For the record: I never uses scroll bars, so there is a lack in my knowledge about scrollbars.

Best regards,


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