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Hi Michael,

We had several isolated incidents where this was also happening on 10.7
but as at that time we weren't sure what was going on we never
experimented enough with this. The marker has been there for many
version of Mac OS X, it is only the OS now reacting to it if the
security settings are set up as such. Windows has similar security
measures, the measures make a LOT of sense as this is one of the most
common ways of malware making its way onto your system. The thing I
still want answered is what the security settings triggering this are.
Yes on 10.8 gatekeeper is where it starts but I'm still in the dark as
to what triggers things on 10.7.

At least with Mac it just doesn't work and you have to go fix it, with
Windows you often find that you simply keep using older versions of a
file and unless you check version numbers you're gonne be going round in

Anyways, I've been on 10.8 pretty much since it came out so I can't say
for sure downloading on 10.7 will prevent this. Downloading on windows
and then deploying on Mac does sound like an option but I haven't tried,
seeing the package structure on Mac I generally work the other way
around, prepare my files on a Mac and deploy cross platform.

In the end, the way we will be going in the near future, is to start
using proper installers and start working according to the rules of the
OS. Sure just updating a single xcomp through a installer/updater may
seem overkill but this way you can be sure the OS trusts the files you
install and avoid these headaches. The problem here is that Omnis Studio
4 doesn't play by those rules and if we are going up we'll be jumping
into OS 6 which unfortunately requires us to do a lot of cleanup in our
applications as some of the 25 year old code in our app refuses to work
in OS 6 (and I have lots of XCOMPs to redo...).

And yes by all means mention this within your technical notes!



On 15/03/13 8:54 PM, Michael Monschau wrote:
> Hi Bas,
> This is very interesting. I have had customers on Windows Vista and 7 with similar problems when DLLs were downloaded on that machine. I think it depended on their security settings. One work-around I found was to download on Macintosh (I am still on 10.7 on my main development machine) and than copy it across the LAN to windows. I wonder if that also works in reverse. Another was to get the advanced properties of the DLL and click the "Unblock" button.
> Do you think downloading on 10.7 and than copying to 10.8 would also avoid this marker?
> I wonder if there is a better solution as this will probably come up more and more as people migrate to the newer OS.
> Do you mind if I create a technical note on the Brainy Data website about this using your work-around. I will credit you for it.
> Regards,
> Michael
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