References while sorting lists

Will Adkin will.adkin at
Wed Mar 13 08:46:10 EDT 2013

Hi List,

Trying to get my head around this omnis behaviour

I have the following generic line of code that will sort a headed list on evHeaderClick

Do $ctask.oPrefs.$sortHeadedList($cfield,[$cfield.$dataname].$ref,pColumnNumber,iSortAscending)

I receive the second parameter as a field ref and all works OK, but if i change the second param to [$cfield.$dataname] and receive it as a field ref it no longer works, why is this? the square brackets do not appear to have been evaluated and rather than referencing the list it seems to be referencing the string: "[$cfield.$dataname]"

Also, i have been trying to do the same thing without needing to send in a reference to the list variable - using only a reference to the headed list field I thought I should have been able to get a reference to the list data it was using, I tried to set a reference to the $contents of the field so i could sort that directly, but while I can calculate $contents into a different list i don't appear to be able to set a reference to it... 

Maybe I am going about this the wrong way? 


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