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Bastiaan is correct for outside Omnis if you are using a .df1 you would  
access it through ODBC as read only .
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Hi  Christian,

If you're accessing the DF1 from within Omnis and you do not  want to use
the native commands, you could use the OMNISSQL DAM.
If you  want to access the DF1 from outside of Omnis I don't believe
there is an  option to write but I could be wrong.


Bastiaan  Olij

On 12/03/13 5:39 AM, Christian Enríquez wrote:
>  friends,
> Please I want to ask a I work with Omnis Studio 3.2.1  I want to write 
about the df1, I downloaded the ODBC up just let me read the  data but not 
write, I want to know if there is any way to write about df1, by  ODBC or 
> Thank you.
> Christian  Enriquez                      
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