invisible Omnis data files?

Kelly Burgess kellyb at
Fri Mar 8 12:38:13 EST 2013

Hi Allan,

We had that issue, where a file of some kind created by our app did not appear in Finder - not a datafile in our case, I'm thinking, but can't remember for sure.  We use the attached Applescript method to make sure it shows up immediately after creation.



UpdateItemInFinder (pDocumentPath, pUpdateContainer=kFalse)
;  without this, sometimes Finder doesn't think the file exists, but no error when you try opening the file...
Calculate path as replaceall(pDocumentPath,'"','\"')     ;; escape any double-quotes in the path for AppleScript
Calculate path as replaceall(path,"'","\'")     ;; escape any single-quotes in the path for AppleScript
Calculate script as con('Tell application "Finder"',chr(13))
If pUpdateContainer
   Calculate folder as folderPartOfPath(path)
   Calculate folder as trim(folder,kTrue,kTrue,':')
   Calculate script as con(script,'update every file in folder("',folder,'")',chr(13))
   Calculate script as con(script,'update file("',path,'")',chr(13))
End If
Calculate script as con(script,'End tell')
Do $runapplescript(script,result) Returns err

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