invisible Omnis data files?

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Indeed it does!! (under recent Datafiles). When I open the hidden datafile using Studio Browser from the recent Datafiles list, then it does become a real and visible file per the Finder and seems to be so permanently. Seems a bit weird, but 


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I think the Studio browser will show you the real path. 

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On 8 Mar 2013, at 16:53, G Allan Lombardi wrote: 

> Using Omnis commands, I can create a new data file, write to it, close it, re-open it, write to it again. Sequence numbers increment as expected which confirms that the data is being written to disk and that the data file does exist. Also, I can later access these records normally as long as I don't lose the name of the data file. 
> However, I never see this data file on the desktop nor can I find it with the Finder - either by Name or by Creation Date. It is only visible in the Studio Browser. 
> Data files I create by the Studio Browser don't have this peculiarity. I must be missing something about the concept of an Omnis data file . 
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