Problem with references

KRIS GEERTS kjtgeerts at
Fri Mar 8 08:23:03 EST 2013

Hi all,

I have this problem in remote forms.
Imagine you have 2 forms one is a subform of the other

Then normally I use in the $construct of the client

Set reference Iv_ParentRef to $cinst.$container   (is the reference to the parent)
Do Iv_ParentRef.$setSubFromInst($cinst)   (is the procedure in the parent that remembers the child)

Then in the main window I use

Set Reference iSubFromRef to pRef 

so after that ; things can be sended from the client or the parent 


But ...If I have several subwindows I want to create a list with clientreferences in the parent so that I'm more flexible 

So after defining the list in the parent 
like this 
Do Iv_SubRefs.$cols.$add('Ref',kItemref)	

I do
Do Iv_SubRefs.$add(pRef)   ....triggered like before .

In my list the reference LOOKS ok . So I have something like $root.$iremoteforms.rSub1  in the list

But I cannot use the reference

The calculation 

Set Reference iSubFromRef to Iv_SubRefs.1.C1 is not supported
Even a hard 

Do iSubFromRef.$assign($root.$remotefroms.rSub1) does not work.

So if I do from the mainprocedure something like
Do pRef.$ProcInClient() it works 

But  hard like this 

do $root.$iremoteforms.rSub1.$ProcInClient() does not work .and also using the reference from the list like
Do [Iv_SubRefs.1.C1].$ProcInClient()  does not work 

So ...does anybody know how I can do this ?

Help much  appreciated !

Kris Geerts

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