Using $find() in Outlook

Kelly Burgess kellyb at
Sun Mar 3 05:20:28 EST 2013

Hi Todd,

>Do you have any idea what the list of parameters is?

Look in VBAOUTL9.CHM for the scoop on controlling Outlook.  Or something similarly named, maybe not the version 9 flavor.

It says:
   Syntax 1     object.Find(Filter)

     object   Required. An expression that returns an Items object.
     Filter   Required String. An expression that will evaluate to True or False.

   Syntax 2     object.Find(Name, Custom)

     object   Required. An expression that returns a UserProperties object.
     Name   Required. String. The display name of the requested property.
     Custom   Optional. Boolean. True if the requested property is a user (custom) property. False if it is a system property.

Re the find filter, it says:

   The filter is a string expression containing one or more filter clauses joined by the logical operators And, Not, and Or.

   A filter clause is a simple expression that evaluates to True or False; for example, [CompanyName] = "Microsoft".

Are you including those square brackets in your filter?  It looks required, and the Omnis list posting you referenced used them, but your sample showed

 Calculate lvFindText as con('firstname=','''Johnny2''')

I don't know if firstname is a valid Outlook keyword.  If it is, try con('[firstname] = ','''Johnny2''')    -- and if not, I see "objContactItem.FirstName" referenced in that VB document, so maybe it'd be case-sensitive too --  con('[FirstName] = ','''Johnny2''') 


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