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I was trying to get this .net external from John but didn't succeed. I'd still be interested in having a look on this.
Regarding the sources check your email...

Best regards,
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Hi guys,

we are investigating writing some dll's to use in Omnis7's external area.
The Extending Omnis book talks about looking at the source code for the Coolbtn example. I've seen from a previous message on this list that this was available on some old Omnis7 CD.

I know this is going back a wee while, but I cannot find this and hoped someone could send this to me?
Or any other examples of Omnis7 external area source code that could be shared?  : )

If so, please use the following email address (appreciate any help) visionvpmmail at

Also, I saw in 2009 John Hosmer wrote in and spoke of a .net Omnis7 bridge that he had to allow the use of .net externals in Omnis7. Did anyone take him up on this and try it out? It seems like the exact thing we are after!

Cheers and thanks for any help,
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