POP3Recv and Yahoo or Gmail and Exchange

Trif Ionut itrif at coregain.ro
Fri Aug 23 05:02:46 EDT 2013

Hi Ben,

We already know about SSL but we don't know exactly how to use it. It's enough to install it, we must generate some certificate (I saw in omn is certc folder a lot of certificates, where can be used those ?) Where can we specify the port (both yahoo and gmail offer in documentation the port) ? There is no param in no POP3 function relative to a port.

Trif Ionut
Coregain Romania SRL
itrif at coregain.ro

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You need SLL/TLS to talk to Gmail for POP3 / IMAP & SMTP on the approprutate ports - ie not 110, 143 or 25 the appropriate SSL/TLS ports for the relevant protocol.

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Trif Ionut <itrif at coregain.ro> wrote:
>Hi $all,
>In Studio 5.1 we are tried to make our own email client, connecting to
>different email servers.
>Before to enter in details we need some generale guidelines:
>1.       This method manage to return email list from Exchange servers
>Which are the conditions to connect to an Exchange server ?
>2.       We easily managed to connect to a SMTP server, but we didn't
>to connect to a Yahoo or Gmail account. We read the documentation and
>install the SSL, there are some other thing to look for (configuring
>we managed to connect correctly to the servers). In a strange way we
>have any error return, always the status in 0 but the email list is
>Trif Ionut
>Coregain Romania SRL
>itrif at coregain.ro
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