O$ JavaObjs not loading

Reg Paling reg.paling at lokanet.com
Fri Aug 16 03:17:44 EDT 2013

Hi Kim,

I've just been struggling with this to get my Studio 6.0 setup working 
on my main Mac.

One thing I learned this time around is that the cache reset involves 
the following steps.
1) Delete jcache1.dat (either via $resetclasscache(), or in the Finder)
2) Restart Omnis.  It should rebuild the cache on startup, if there are 
many Java classes there may be a noticable delay.
3) Quit Omnis.  At this point, Omnis adds any classes discovered while 
Omnis was running, and saves jcache1.dat.  It seems it doesn't save the 
file until Omnis closes.
4) Restart Omnis again, and hopefully it's all in good shape.

I don't know if these points apply to Studio 4.x - it always seemed to 
me to be very flaky.


On 16/08/13 4:39 PM, Kim Sumner wrote:
> Hi
> Additional information about the problem.
> If we reset the java cache it appears that the cache isn't being rebuilt as
> described in the manual. The object classes don't show up.
> However, if we
> 1. grab a copy of the jcahe1.dat file an put it in the Java folder,
> 2. load our library that uses the custom objects we can set the subclass
> 3. fix the object variables & save this library
> 4. reset the java cache and restart Studio
> 5. The java classes aren't loaded
> If I don't rest the cache it's OK (on a Mac at least - Windows is a whole
> other issue).
> What am I doing wrong? Or is it a known fault?
> Kim Sumner
> Corporate Windows Pty Ltd, AUSTRALIA
> Tel: +61-3-5338-8232

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