O7 Table Tab control

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Tue Aug 13 06:41:42 EDT 2013

 I have done this with a table where the user could enter a 'group' in  
field A and the selection in Field B was dependant upon that value or if only 1 
 value was available field B was populated and disabled -  if nothing was  
entered into field A field B was enabled.
The disabling is done in the #after of field A and the field number set  and
        SNA set current field  {required next field}
Quit to  enter data
To move to the required line in the list you would need to 'Select line in  
list' and then Tab to the first field.
Hope that helps
Kind  Regards
Wendy Osbaldestin
Wizard Computer Services
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In a message dated 13/08/2013 10:15:51 GMT Daylight Time,  
ap at coastline-data-sys.com writes:

I am  setting #L+1 and using SNA set current field to move focus to 
>>  field 1 next row which kind of works but I am getting some strange  
>> issues where no #before is triggered on the field I move focus to  and 
>> sometimes it is triggered  twice.

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