Referencing lists within lists

Robert Mostyn robertmostyn99 at
Fri Aug 9 08:44:48 EDT 2013

When processing lists within lists I always 

Calculate momentaryList as iList.ListColumn
/* do any work needed on the momentaryList contents
Calculate iList.ListColumn as momentaryList

Its easier for debugging and reliable.  Probably a bit slower, but reliable.


On Fri9 Aug 2013, at 13:25, Will Adkin <will.adkin at> wrote:

> Hi List
> Can anyone confirm if it is possible to set a reference to a list within a list? I seem to be having huge trouble: i.e.
> iList contains another column called QtyList
> Set reference lvRef1 to iList.$ref works fine
> but
> Set reference lvRef2 to iList.QtyList.$ref
> does not work. I want to create a reference to the QtyList on the current line of iList. I have tried various permutations... Have I got my references mixed up or am I wasting time trying to achieve the impossible?
> Any pointers would be great!
> Will
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