JsDroplist in Remote Forms and Kdroplist window(Both in Omnis Studio 6)

Ambrose Tobon amkila at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 8 04:46:12 EDT 2013

Dear List,
In Omnis Studio 6.0 remote forms component by the name jsdroplist does not have calculation in the property manager whereas in the same studio in window form, the calculation is present.
How do i implement a style in the calculation if i want to display two columns of fields in a jsdroplist. In window form, i would place a code like this in the calculation;
(con(iList.Code,style(kSECLTab,50),iList.Desc)) and place the iList variable in the dataname and this display two sets of columns as per the sql command, i.e. 20200 KERICHO(for code and place)
How about remote forms jsdroplist?
Can anyone enlighten me.
Thanks in advance,


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