$5.3.2 - PostgreSQL 9.2 and SSL

Bob Fiering bob at maxolution.nl
Sun Aug 4 15:08:12 EDT 2013


After the conversion from DML to SQL i am now stuck on getting an SSL secure connection.
I am running PostgreSQL on an Ubuntu Server outside the office.
Based on the instructions from the Technical notes on the Omnis site i created server and client certificates.

I changed the postgresql.conf file 
set ssl = true
and declared the location of the certificates

After these changes i restarted the database

On my Mac side i created the ~/.postgresql/  directory and placed the client certificates in it (also tried to open it in the keychain)

With pgAdmin 3 and Navicat for Postgres i can access the database and its tables.

When opening my application there is no connection.
Also adding  Do tvSessionObj.$options.$assign("sslmode=require") Returns #F   did not help.

Hope somebody can tell me which part i am missing.



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