O$: read non-unicode Datafile in O$ 5.2

Nick Renders omnis1 at arcict.com
Tue Apr 30 06:39:13 EDT 2013

Hi List,

I am looking for a way to read data from a non-unicode Datafile in Omnis 
Studio 5.2.

The Datafile is still being used by an O$ 4.3 Library and conversion to 
unicode is not an option.
I've read in the "What's New" PDF that you can interact with non-unicode 
databases using the DAMs, but this does not seem to apply to the 

Any ideas on how to read the data in 5.2 without converting the 
We're thinking along the lines of setting up an O$ 4.3 Library to pass 
the data to the O$ 5.2 Library.
Does anyone have any experience with this?


Nick Renders

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