O7 - How do I get the name of a Field name parameter passed in to an external?

Damian Bailey Damian.Bailey at theaccessgroup.com
Thu Apr 25 11:38:14 EDT 2013

Hi List,

I'm writing an external for Omnis7 and would like to get the name of a fieldname parameter that I am passing in.

When I use GetFldInfo or GetFldInfo2 the name returned is that of the variable being pointed to by the fieldname parameter.

In Omnis I do this:
Parameter pRequest (Field name)

GetProperty (pRequest,Request.Header) with return value lRequestHeader

In the external I do this:

       omnispbrec    pbrList;

       pbrList.ref = ref_parm1;
       pbrList.name.len = 0;
       pbrList.info_request = fir_field_info;

But pbrList.name is not telling me "pRequest". I'm getting the name of the variable passed in to my Omnis procedure ("lRequest").



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