O7: Old Mac Classic memory issues ...

Jim Creak jim at jacsoft.co.nz
Tue Apr 23 18:00:16 EDT 2013

Thanks for all the comments and suggestions.

We know that there is something not 100% because the machines we have doing background processing, which we leave on 24/7 slow down over time, and we are in the habit of restarting them once every couple of days.

The memory allocation for the machine I've been doing my work on has a Max limit set at 26000 Kb  we have increased this to a higher number, but it doesn't seem to help and in some cases causes more problems if we make the number too high.

I don't think it is an indexing error, because if we do the same report after the message windows the report prints out as it should, so sounds like some memory loss with stored lists within the report generator, but I have not been able to find out where.

I'll get the clients who have this issue to report back on when it happens, if I find that it is only in one particular place, then I'll redo that working on that area.


JACSoft Programming Ltd.

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