O7: Old Mac Classic memory issues ...

Alan Perrin alanperrin at assistechea.co.uk
Tue Apr 23 03:29:46 EDT 2013

Hi Jim

If the app is building a list in preparation for the report then maybe there
is an indexing problem causing the same record to be repeatedly added to the
list. Eventually Omnis will generate that message however much memory is
allocated in the OS 9 Get Info dialogue.

Alan Perrin
Assistech (East Anglia) Ltd
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I'm here to see how good the old brain cells are for those who work in Mac
Classic with Omnis

I have two sites that will occasionally get the following message:

		'The application is getting short of memory.  Do you wish to
cancel?  [yes/no]'

Clicking no, generates the next message 

		'The application is short of memory, it is recommended that
you do not continue.'

We have upped the memory allocation for the Omnis application but that
doesn't seen to work.

When it happens to me, it is for a particular report, and if I immediately
attempt to run the report again I get no errors and report prints as it
should, so sounds like some sort of memory leak to me.

Any ideas?


JACSoft Programming Ltd.

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