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Keith Bartlett keith at adnetltd.co.uk
Mon Apr 22 05:15:25 EDT 2013

PDFdevice is the answer for us too.  And while your at it, if you need any word processing etc look at Owrite & Ospell.  Personally I don't rate any of them as expensive considering what they do.


On 22 Apr 2013, at 03:57, Bastiaan Olij wrote:

> Another endorsement for PDFdevice here, we've been using it for ages at
> Instinct Systems. At my previous employer we did a lot of work with PDF
> printer drivers in Omnis 7 and early Studio days because in those days
> PDFDevice didn't exist yet. When I look back and the hours and hours and
> hours spend finding solutions, working around problems and supporting
> the clients who all fail to setup the drivers properly to begin with
> when using a printer driver to create PDFs, PDFDevice earns itself back
> in magnitude.
> I really don't get how anyone can attempt to "save" money by not buying
> this extremely versatile external when PDF printing is important to you.
> Cheers,
> Bas
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