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Doug Easterbrook doug at artsman.com
Sat Apr 20 12:15:33 EDT 2013

hi Jeff:

we've been using Brainy Data's PDFDevice for years to print to pdf and email.

Kim said expensive --- for some reason I don't think so when:
a) its really not expensive
b) it always works
c) it a one liner command to set the print device so it works in all reports
d) its cross platform
e) you can configure a lot in it of you want (or little)

oh, and did I say it is reliable -- meaning we don't work about code, operating system loops to read the file and any other coding tricks.

To me cost savings in using Michael's PDFdevice far outweigh the time to build solutions held together with wire and string.

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On Apr 20, 2013, at 10:00 AM, omnisdev-en-request at lists.omnis-dev.com wrote:

> Hi All,
> Studio 4.3.1 - Windows
> I'm using the Bullzip PDF Writer to create PDF files in the background, moving them to a specific client folder and emailing them as an attachment.
> The process is working, but I've had to put in some loops to create delays, because I need to wait for the PDF Writer to finish printing before moving and then emailing the file.
> Does anyone know a way to determine when the printer is actually finished?
> -Jeff

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