O$ - 4.3.1 - Print to PDF & Email

Rob Whitworth rob at rchwhitworth.co.uk
Fri Apr 19 21:34:15 EDT 2013

I use a loop until the file exists:

Calculate #F as 0
While flag false
	Test if file exists {[%%FileName]}
End While

Works for me



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Hi Jeff
Unfortunately no. I've been doing exactly the same thing.
There seems to be no way to talk directly to the bullzip driver (ie. To pass
a file name, determine print completion etc.).

I also tried using a loop to determine when the driver has finished writing
the file. Works OK but have had fileops errors due to customer having
"other" utilities that grab the file after writing it so cannot reliably
move or rename. I had to set Bullzip's user prefs to a specific
file/pathname but couldn't bypass the dialogue without it writing the file
to the wrong place (ie. into the Windows System folder).

Overall very tedious and fragile as well as messy. I give it a 3/10.

About to audition the Brainy Data product and see if this gives me a better
result. Expensive but may provide an integrated solution.

It's moments like these I _love_ my Mac :)

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> Subject: O$ - 4.3.1 - Print to PDF & Email
> Hi All,
> Studio 4.3.1 - Windows
> I'm using the Bullzip PDF Writer to create PDF files in the 
> background, moving them to a specific client folder and emailing them as
an attachment.
> The process is working, but I've had to put in some loops to create 
> delays, because I need to wait for the PDF Writer to finish printing 
> before moving and then emailing the file.
> Does anyone know a way to determine when the printer is actually finished?
> -Jeff
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