kMemory Printing from Studio web app

brian at brian at
Tue Apr 16 16:54:15 EDT 2013

Been having a problem that is crashing Studio during printing with the
webclient on redhat linux.  The webserver handles the printing through the
webclient until a certain unknown period then it pops up an this garbled up
OK message that has no known language in it.  One time it did display an
Omnis printing error but didn't give much more than that.  This locks up
Omnis for the web users until the message is cleared and the application


Been tracing this error for months and it seems to happen in cyber think
space.  Can't find one error log with an entry that explains the problem.  I
did manage to find something that indicated although I was selecting
"kMemory" for the printing device .the system tried to send the print job to
a physical printer attached to the server.which it does not have and I think
is causing the error.


Has anyone else experienced this or have any ideas to check.

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