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Mon Apr 15 16:57:55 EDT 2013

Hey Jean Marc,

I'm not aware of an 'official' way to do it with Omnis, as other I think
have already written it requires an implementation that uses tokens that
allow you to prove the users identity with the domain controller in

We did implement SSO at a windows only client side a while back but
because Omnis is a client/server app and we where using MS SQL we let MS
SQL do the heavy lifting for us. MS SQL fully supports SSO, you can
create a user group on the domain controller for your application and
provide access to your MS SQL server for that entire user group. Any
user that gets added to the user group will automatically have access to
the server.

When you set up your ODBC entry for MS SQL you simply tick the box
"trust" which will ensure that the ODBC drive sends the proper token to
the database server.

For us as an app it becomes simple, if the user can log onto the
database they are thus authenticated properly with the domain or MS SQL
wouldn't let you in.



On 16/04/13 2:18 AM, Jean Marc Azerad wrote:
> Hi listers, 
> A question from one of my customers...
> "Is it possible to do SS0 authentication with Omnis Studio?" (currently 4.2)
> I don't even understand the question, so I need your help !
> Thanks
> JM

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