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You might want to talk to the LDAP server....

a little demo I have is listed below... this assumes that the local 
machine has a LDAP server in place for testing... so you may need to 
point lcComputername to a real LDAP server.

But gives you an idea... (Clearly I was trying to get the email address 
for the user...)
Oh, and its using unicode DLL calls, just change the W to an A if not.


Register DLL ('kernel32','GetComputerNameW','ICM')
Call DLL ('kernel32','GetComputerNameW',lcComputername,255)

Register DLL ('advapi32','GetUserNameW','ICM')
Call DLL ('advapi32','GetUserNameW',lcUserName,255)

;  oADODB is defined as an object subtype Automation\ADODB.Connection.6.0
;  oOther and oOther2 are just objects.
;  lcfields are just character fields.
Do oADODB.$createobject()
Calculate oADODB.$provider as "ADsDSOObject"
Do oADODB.$open('ADSI')
Calculate lcSQL as con("SELECT cn,mail,name,uid  FROM 
'LDAP://",lcComputername,"' WHERE objectClass='user' And samAccountName 
Do oADODB.$execute(lcSQL) Returns oOther

Do oOther.$getrows(1) Returns oOther2

Calculate oOther2 as oOther.$fields('mail')
Calculate lcEmailAddress as oOther.$Fields.$Item(1)
Calculate lcEmailAddress as oOther2.$value

Calculate oOther2 as oOther.$Fields('cn')
Calculate lcDisplayName as oOther2.$value

Calculate oOther2 as oOther.$Fields('name')
Calculate lcPrintabledisplayName as oOther2.$value

Calculate oOther2 as oOther.$Fields('uid')
Calculate lcMailNickName as oOther2.$value

Do oADODB.$release()

Calculate oOther2 as #NULL
Calculate oOther as #NULL
Calculate oADODB as #NULL

Quit method lcEmailAddress

On 15/04/2013 17:45, Andy Hilton wrote:
> My requirement is to 'do it properly' !! Using SAML or encrypted tokens or some other 'secure' way.....
> Was that how you achieved it ??
> Andy
> On Apr 15, 2013, at 12:31 PM, Gary Connor <gary_connor at> wrote:
>> Yes, at least on Windows using Active Directory - I have no clue about implementing SSO on the Mac.
>> ________________________________
>> Dr. Gary Connor, PhD, CIO
>> DirectLine Technologies, Inc.
>> 1600 N. Carpenter Road
>> Building D
>> Modesto, CA 95351
>> (209) 491-2020
>>> Jean Marc
>>> Funnily enough this is a topic I have to cover for a client of mine
>>> !!
>>> SSO = Single Sign On - i.e. your app opens and picks up the logged
>>> in credentials of the user from the network and automatically logs
>>> that user in to your application without them having to sign in
>>> again......
>>> I don't actually have an answer for you - although it is on my list
>>> of 'things I need to get done' in the very near future - so if
>>> anyone has already done this, let me (and Jean-Marc) know as I will
>>> happily pay for someone to assist me not re-invent this particular
>>> wheel :)
>>> Andy
>>> On Apr 15, 2013, at 12:18 PM, Jean Marc Azerad
>>> < at> wrote:
>>>> Hi listers,
>>>> A question from one of my customers...
>>>> "Is it possible to do SS0 authentication with Omnis Studio?"
>>>> (currently 4.2)
>>>> I don't even understand the question, so I need your help ! Thanks
>>>> JM
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