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Mon Apr 15 03:42:58 EDT 2013

Hi Phil
This option sounds like it might do what the customer wants - they are  
supposed to be installing TS this weekend to overcome a connection problem they 
 have had ever since I  have been involved with them!!
We were looking at some devices over the weekend and one running android  
looks to me to be within the price bracket they would be looking at - is it  
easy to connect this to a Terminal Server?  
They really do not want to go Web server for this as for a start they  
would need Studio licences and application and have to set up a web server  to  
hold the database.
Kind  Regards
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In a message dated 12/04/2013 15:46:03 GMT Daylight Time,  
phil at pgpotter.demon.co.uk writes:

I've  used Citrix, and I know of Terminal services being used to run a 
standard  Omnis application on the server, Citrix or TS server, both of 
which used  Barcode scanning.

You seem to be able to run a citrix or TS client on  most devices these 
days, android, ipad, iphone...

The only thing  is, if you don't have a Citrix server or TS server, this 
may price the  solution out of the  equation?

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