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> One of my customers is thinking of providing users with small(ish) hand  
> held devises this is in place of the barcode readers they thought about  
> before!!
> Is it possible to get one that will run an Omnis application - not web  
> based - that can connect to the database via their network?  Preferably  
> windows based.

We have a client where we've just finished a project like this.  They have an omnis-based CRM/ERP system.  They purchased Intermec CK-3 handheld computers, which run Windows Mobile 6.  We installed the Windows Mobile client on them and developed a system in Omnis Studio 5.2 to handle their inventory management. You develop the UI in omnis, and you must have the Omnis Web Client server running for them to interact with. The project was very successful and had positive feedback from the end-users.

We thought about using the jsClient, but there are some features that aren't available in the jsClient yet that we use in the windows mobile client.  Also, there isn't any good html5 clients available for most of these types of devices.  Most manufacturers have developed their own html5 clients, so without obtaining a device to test, you really won't know how it will perform.

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