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Andy Hilton andyh at
Sat Apr 13 10:28:43 EDT 2013


Can you post what the code actually is doing ? It's hard to suggest anything without knowing what it is attempting to actually do first off !!

You say 'when you went to fetch data' but you don't explain :

Is your list a proper sql defined list ?
Is your select statement working ok ?
What kind of $fetch are you performing ?
Are you running your own table class ?


On Apr 13, 2013, at 10:20 AM, Bob Fiering <bob at> wrote:

> Hi,
> Yes, I am one of those guys who are still working with DML in Omnis, and yes i know it is time to change because of a lot of reasons.
> So i dusted some old SQL knowledge and with some time to invest in this process i made a fresh start.
> Ofcourse i am having problems, but sooner as i expected, and on a different level.
> I installed on my Mac PostgreSQL, created a database, connected with Omnis SQL to my data.df1 file and created a session with the new PostgreSQL database.
> I dragged the datafile tables to the SQL database and it created all tables. After this i checked if the old sequence fields were integer4 in PostgreSQL and had sequences connected to it, checked the indexes, primary keys and privileges.
> I made a new library, created schema and table classes from the database, made a login screen and connection objects and was able to login with Omnis 5.2.3 into the new database (PostgreSQL 9.2).
> SessionObject and StatementObject are are looking good.
> Everything fine until this moment.
> When I want to fetch data no data is fetched. So i made a testwindow with the Omnis wizzard to see if my coding was bad. But this isn't fetching data either.
> Looking in the SQL browser and opening the tables, it shows the data. In pgAdmin i made a new table and added data but the same problem in Omnis.
> I hope someone can tell me what i am doing wrong here or which step I forgot.
> regards,
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