PostsreSQL / SQL newbie question

Bob Fiering bob at
Sat Apr 13 10:20:23 EDT 2013


Yes, I am one of those guys who are still working with DML in Omnis, and yes i know it is time to change because of a lot of reasons.

So i dusted some old SQL knowledge and with some time to invest in this process i made a fresh start.
Ofcourse i am having problems, but sooner as i expected, and on a different level.

I installed on my Mac PostgreSQL, created a database, connected with Omnis SQL to my data.df1 file and created a session with the new PostgreSQL database.
I dragged the datafile tables to the SQL database and it created all tables. After this i checked if the old sequence fields were integer4 in PostgreSQL and had sequences connected to it, checked the indexes, primary keys and privileges.
I made a new library, created schema and table classes from the database, made a login screen and connection objects and was able to login with Omnis 5.2.3 into the new database (PostgreSQL 9.2).
SessionObject and StatementObject are are looking good.
Everything fine until this moment.

When I want to fetch data no data is fetched. So i made a testwindow with the Omnis wizzard to see if my coding was bad. But this isn't fetching data either.
Looking in the SQL browser and opening the tables, it shows the data. In pgAdmin i made a new table and added data but the same problem in Omnis.

I hope someone can tell me what i am doing wrong here or which step I forgot.



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