No current list selected using $define in Studio 5.2.3

David Barnett David at
Wed Apr 10 17:10:22 EDT 2013

That is not a bug. The new Studio-style list commands, like list. 
$define or list.$search, does not depend on the 'current list' at  
all. They do not require the current list to be set. They do not use  
it at all. So try to get used to using them. There is very little  
that you can do with lists that require the 'current list' and the  
older commands that depend on it any more.

What exactly are you doing that requires the current list being set.  
Possibly we can suggest an alternative using the newer list commands.


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On Apr 10, 2013, at 4:37 PM, <brian at>  
<brian at> wrote:

> Anyone know of bug inside of Studio 5.2.3 which is not recognizing
> List.$define() as setting the current list?  You are not suppose to  
> use the
> 'set current list' if you are using $define.  However, inside the  
> remote
> form with the webclient, I'm occasionally getting the error that a  
> current
> list is not selected.

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