O$:403 ODB:141 on Mac - Win Clients problem

Bob Fiering bob at maxolution.nl
Wed Apr 10 13:47:59 EDT 2013

Hi Phil,

In one of the technotes at the download section of ODB Tiger Logic says the following:

General Rule:
New servers will work with older clients, but new clients will not work with older servers.
For Studio 4.03 this means version 1.3 or higher.


Op 10 apr. 2013, om 18:10 heeft Philip Potter <Phil at pgpotter.demon.co.uk> het volgende geschreven:


Unfortunately, I'm not able to go on site at this time, and remote access isn't possible.

Hence why I tried it locally, thought I'd corrected the problem, asked them to try it, and it did not improve.

Most of my work involves SQL datasets, so I'm not so familiar with ODB.

Bob, your suggestion of using the latest ODB...
I take it, that it will still work with Omnis 4.03?

Clearly there should be some improvements from 1.41 to 1.54, you'd think?


On 10/04/2013 15:36, Keith Bartlett wrote:
> Hi Phil
> Try upping the logging level, might show you why the clients are being disconnected.
> Cheers
> Keith
> On 10 Apr 2013, at 13:51, Philip Potter wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have a client that uses ODB141 on a MAC server, from Mac and Windows O$4.03.
>> They seem to have a problem with there windows clients, in that quite often they get the padlock icon appearing.
>> It seems they get disconnected from ODB?
>> ODBSocketTimeOut is set to 120 = 2 minutes.
>> In a test environment, off site, adding a timer procedure to read a small record every 30 seconds seemed to help, but no change, if not worse, on the live system.
>> Any thoughts, things to consider, as to why this may be happening, and any thoughts on a resolution?
>> thanks in advance for any help
>> regards
>> Phil.
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