O$:403 ODB:141 on Mac - Win Clients problem

Philip Potter Phil at pgpotter.demon.co.uk
Wed Apr 10 08:51:50 EDT 2013


I have a client that uses ODB141 on a MAC server, from Mac and Windows 

They seem to have a problem with there windows clients, in that quite 
often they get the padlock icon appearing.

It seems they get disconnected from ODB?

ODBSocketTimeOut is set to 120 = 2 minutes.

In a test environment, off site, adding a timer procedure to read a 
small record every 30 seconds seemed to help, but no change, if not 
worse, on the live system.

Any thoughts, things to consider, as to why this may be happening, and 
any thoughts on a resolution?

thanks in advance for any help



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