Dr Caroline Wilkins caroline at ib2bsystems.com
Thu Aug 23 11:31:41 EDT 2012

Will the Studio MySQL DAM work with the standard MySQL databases 
provided by webhosts these days? I seem to remember that for years it 
would only work with a commercially licensed version of MySQL (which I 
have always found hard to find hosting for). I wondered if that had 
changed at all recently?

I am looking to get an Omnis desktop app talking to a MySQL database on 
some webhosting so I can exchange data easily from the mobile apps I am 
writing, via the web hosted MySQL database, to the Omnis app...and back 
again. The alternative is to write a php interface on the web server to 
facilitate processes between the MySQL database and the desktop app, but 
I would rather plug the Omnis app straight into the database.

I realise that most web hosts don't allow remote access to the MySQL 
database, but some do. If anyone has any recomendations, that would be 
very welcome thanks.

Many thanks!


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