SMTP - Attachments do not come through on Macs

Scotte Meredith spomacguy at
Wed Aug 1 17:51:04 EDT 2012

On Aug 1, 2012, at 2:40 PM, Michael Mantkowski wrote:

> We have recently discovered that attachments on emails created in our Omnis
> Application with "SMTP Send" do not come through on Macintosh email programs
> but do on others like Outlook, G-Mali, Yahoo, etc.
> Do Macs require some special Headers or something?
> Any ideas? 

We sent attachments via SMTP Send all the time to both Mac and Windows. You just need to have the headers and MIME list set properly.

On the Mac side have you viewed the raw source of the email in Mail to see if they are getting there, but are just not displaying properly?

Scotte Meredith
SpoMacGuy at

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