OS5: Connecting timeout to ODB problem...

Kim Sumner tech at corporate-windows.com.au
Thu Dec 29 23:14:50 EST 2011

Hi Mats
How many hops between your ODB server and the client app?
You can use traceroute to check this


For qualified hosts we have on our network (eg. webpublisherstudio.com) the
DNS resolution is instantaneous and equal to pinging an IP 1 hop away.

For hosts outside our network (eg. Google.com) the ping is slower (10 hops
to Sydney). Yandex.ru is even slower (18 hops - go on ping the Russians...
They're fair game).

Our experience is that pinging the static IP is always fastest (obviously).

Regardless of the tool you use to check the machine, the number of hops
between your client and the ODB device will affect the length of any

So my approach would probably be similar your earlier post ie.

Working message  {Testing ODB connection}
TCPPing ('The_ODB_IP') Returns lvErr

If lvErr<0
  Close working message
  OK message  {Problem connecting to server}
End If


Interested to see if you find a better way of handling this.


Kim Sumner
Corporate Windows Pty Ltd, AUSTRALIA
Tel: +61-3-5338-8232

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> Hi Kelly,
>> It was always reporting 'good result is 1 in [0..2] ticks; bad result is
>> -1 in [180..220] ticks.'
> Tested with a "nonsense IP" address and got nearly the same results as you
> did.
> Option 1: Using TCPPing to test the connection before = 181 ticks.
> Option 2: Open ODB direct without testing = 4543 ticks
> 25 times faster response. 25 times less spinning wheel.
> TCPPing is my best option so far. But I am still searching for even better
> solutions.
> Regards,
> Mats Olsson, ADJob Nordic AB, Sweden
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