O$: Developer Available - All I want for Christmas is some Omnis work!

Dr Caroline Wilkins caroline at ib2bsystems.com
Thu Dec 22 07:10:38 EST 2011

Does anyone have use for a keen Omnis developer with about 12 years 
experience? (goodness time flies!)

I have been contracting for most of those 12 years now, so am used to 
all sorts of projects and working within all sorts of coding style of 
existing apps. I get asked to do a lot of web conversions of existing 
apps and some Classic-Studio conversions, but I can handle anything really.

I have been doing a lot of web development work this year, but I want to 
focus more on Omnis again. Having said that, any web development work is 
very welcome too. My newforestweb.com site has my portfolio on there so 
you can see the gorgeous websites I like to build :)

I am based in the UK, but able to work for anyone remotely. My hours are 
flexible and can fit round whatever the customer needs. I am available 
by email, phone and Skype etc.

All good wishes



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