Snow Leopard, Studio and ODBC

IT it at
Wed Dec 14 11:35:45 EST 2011


I'm accessing to an Informix 7.2 database running under SCO Unix  
server for years. Client software is Omnis Studio, OpenLink  
Generic ODBC Driver v6.0, MacOSX 10.4 (PPC&Intel) and MacOSX 10.5  
(PPC&Intel) using  V2 Single-threaded ODBC dam and V3 Multi-threaded  
ODBC dam.

Now i upgraded to Snow Leopard and Omnis Studio crash when connecting  
using V2 Single-threaded ODBC dam (DODBC) but connection is  
successful when V3 Multi-threaded ODBC dam (ODBCDAM) is used. Seems  
that  code in V2 Single-threaded ODBC dam (DODBC) has some problems  
using ODBC updated software in Snow Leopard. I can remember that  
creating some symbolic links in /usr/lib folder related to libodbc  
solve this crash.

Anybody knows which symbolic links are needed to allow DODBC load  
properly ?

Thanks in advance


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