R: first use of notation

Chuck Kirkman ssdas2 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 31 16:07:43 EST 2010

Yes, there are many things to be gleaned by reading the manuals and other literature, as Mark pointed out and sometimes, I try to do that and I try to find solutions on my own, just to be less exploitative of the generosity of the list, but the answers I have found through the list, I could not have discovered on my own through months of reading manuals and experimenting on my own, to say nothing of the frustration saved. It is certainly what sets Omnis apart for me.  I was also greatly aided by Doug's StudioWorks. I had previous experience with Omnis 3+, 5 & 7, but no Studio experience and no SQL experience and Studio Works was a great tool to straighten the learning curve. (the preceding has not been a paid announcement :)  ) Lots of fun for you ahead I am sure.

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