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Gordon Dover gdover at mca.edu
Fri Jan 29 11:44:02 EST 2010

I am trying to open port 5913 for ODB using OS X server firewall for access from outside the local network.
I'm not sure if this is something I should be trying to do.

I have 3 libraries each with its own single df1 datafile on a Leopard Server with ODB. Working fine on the local network. All runtimes are  All Mac users.

Some users will be moving to another building on a separate network too far apart to connect with ethernet.  They will need access.  Their usage will be light and read only.

Each building has 4.5 megabits bandwidth to the outside using T1's.  Before I install a point to point T1 I wanted to see if I could access the datafile through ODB using the WAN address of the server.

The firewall log shows that access on port 5913 is being denied.  I created 4 rules for 'any' access for port 5913 TCP/UDP, IN/OUT.
Still being denied.  IS ODB using some other protocol besides TCP or UDP?  If so, what is it?  

 Any advice would be appreciated.

Gordon Dover
Dir. Institutional Technology
Memphis College of Art
Overton Park, 1930 Poplar
Memphis, TN 38104
901 272-5173

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