$0 - Report Main Lists using Inst Var

Chris Peck chris-peck at wordmaster.com
Fri Jan 29 11:04:34 EST 2010

Hi All,

Has anyone found a way to use the Set Report Main List command with an  
Instance variable list?  Using ver now, and I've found that if  
I change a class list variable during my window overhauls to an  
instance variable, the Set Report Main List will then give an error  
that the main list field is not a list field.  To get around this  
problem, I've been declaring a local var, then doing a merge,  
resetting the report main list to the local var, and all works fine,  
but it's not a good long term solution to the issue I've found.  Also,  
does anyone know if this issue has been forwarded to TL?

Chris Peck
Software Developer
Word Master, Inc.

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