O7: Icons and transparency

Geir Fjærli omnis at sunshinedata.com
Thu Jan 28 05:08:35 EST 2010

Hi all.

Still battling with Omnis 7 here. I have forgotten so many of the old issues... :)

The customer has decided to add icons to some of their buttons, and found a nice set of icons to use. The problem is that these icons contains quite a bit of white, which Omnis insists on treating as the transparency color and therefore substitutes with the button color in the window.

So the question is: Is there a way to turn off the transparency? I don't particularly want to edit all those icons to substitute the white with grey or off white shades. We can always add the button color to the bitmap.

We have added some icons to the toolbar earlier, and that seems not to treat white as transparent. Is that correct?

The original icons are high res pings, which we scale down and edit as required, if that matters.

Geir :)

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