O$ - $control not firing on window Close Box click

Paul Jonson PaulJ at intheus.com
Wed Jan 27 15:21:43 EST 2010

Have you tested switching to $event and see if you can catch it?

I don't use $control anymore - just $event on the window.


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Hi All,

Does anyone know why an overridden $control method does not fire when a
window's Close Box is being clicked?  I have an existing window that
I've just done a few modifications to, which should have no effect on
the window's $control method (no field $control's added or anything
similar, just added a droplist for filtering purposes), and suddenly my
window's $control no longer runs when the Close Box is clicked.  It runs
in all other event circumstances as it should.  I have breakpointed the
$control method to check to see if it even hits on the window's Close
Box being clicked and nothing.  I've checked eventing against evClose
and evCloseBox also, neither receives a hit in this situation.  I've
tested against the window in its previous version in the same library,
side by side with the new version, and the $control method runs
perfectly on it, with the exact same coding in the $construct and
$control.  Nothing else has changed for the window's composition or
settings.  Anyone have any idea what else to look at?

Chris Peck
Software Developer
Word Master, Inc.
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