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jma azerad.jm at wanadoo.fr
Wed Jan 27 13:02:03 EST 2010

Hi Bob,

For a headed list
You need to write a parser...
You get the string from $columnnames of your headed list, translate  
end send back...

this is how I do it :

Calculate Separator as mid($prefs.$separators,3,1)
	Calculate Substring as strtok('pString',Separator)
	Calculate TranslatedString as con(TranslatedString,StringTable. 
Until pString=''
Calculate TranslatedString as  
Quit method TranslatedString

pString is a parameter containing the $columnnames

Sorry, no time to talk about tooltips now


Le 27 janv. 10 à 17:50, Bob Fiering a écrit :

> Hi All,
> I am working with the String Table Editor to make my app multi  
> language.
> I managed to change field labels, group boxes and buttons.
> I have trouble with Headed List Boxes and Button tooltips.
> I know $gettext in combination with headed list boxes gives trouble.
> I looked at the Studio Tips example but got stuck with this one.
> Also the method to change tooltip information in buttons is not  
> clear to me.
> Anyone any idea?
> Thanks,
> Bob Fiering
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