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Tue Jan 26 18:16:44 EST 2010

Hi Hopema,

>Please send me some examples how to use a mime list with SMTP command

Maybe this will help....

In this example, the following parameters are passed in:

pvUser - user name
pvSubject - subject of the email
pvBody - body of the email
pvFrom - 'from' email address 
pvTo - 'to' email address
pvPath - the path name to the file
pvFileName - the name of a file

Calculate %%server as tvVar.cvMailserver
Calculate %%subj as pvSubject
Calculate %%body as pvBody

Calculate %%user as tvVar.cvSmtpUser
Calculate %%password as tvVar.cvSmtpPassword

Do lvEnclosureList.$define(lvFileName,lvFilePath)
Do lvEnclosureList.$add(pvFileName,pvPath)

Do lvMimeList.$define(lvLevel,lvConte

Do lvMimeList.$add(0,'multipart','mixed')
Do lvMimeList.$add(1,'text','plain',,pvBody,,,)

For %loop from 1 to lvEnclosureList.$linecount step 1
 Do lvEnclosureList.$line.$assign(%loop)
 Do lvEnclosureList.$loadcols()
 Do lFileOps.$openfile(lvFilePath)
 Do lFileOps.$readfile(lvBinData)
 Do lFileOps.$closefile()
 Do lvMimeList.$add(1,'application','octet-stream',lvFileName,,lvBinData,,)
End For

SMTPSend (%%server,%%from,%%to,%%subj,lvMimeList,%%cc,%%bcc,,,5,,%%user,%
%password) Returns %%status

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