O$43: Changing a backpicture on $construct

Bastiaan Olij lists at basenlily.nl
Tue Jan 26 15:57:40 EST 2010

Hey Xavier,

Purely guessing here as I haven't (but soon plan to) used backpictures
yet. I can think of either of two reasons:
1) $backpicture should contain the name of the variable containing the
picture and that variable must thus be atleast an instance variable
(sortof like how $dataname works)
2) $backpicture should contain the filepath to the file that needs to be

Also, you may need to use pictconvto in order to add the proper header
information Omnis needs to understand the contents of your binary and
transform the data into an Omnis picture (unless that is exactly the
data you saved to disk). Try and see if you can display the image using
a plain old picture field on a window.

Again, just guesswork, I may be on the wrong track here alltogether.



IT wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have this $construct method in a report with the propose of changing
> the backpicture of a report.
> If FR_TIPO='F'
>     Do
> FileOps.$readentirefile(con(mid($clib.$pathname;1;rpos(':';$clib.$pathname));'img:fr.pct');lvBackPicture)
> Else
>     Do
> FileOps.$readentirefile(con(mid($clib.$pathname;1;rpos(':';$clib.$pathname));'img:fr-ab.pct');lvBackPicture)
> End If
> Calculate $cinst.$backpicture as lvBackPicture
> lvBackPicture gets filled (it's a binary field), but i can't change
> the backpicture. If a do a
> Calculate $cinst.$backpicture as ''
> it doesn't remove the $backpicture !!!
> How I can change the $backpicture of a report ?
> regards
> xavier
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Kindest Regards,

Bastiaan Olij
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