Remoteforms and opening a file on client

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Mon Jan 25 17:25:04 EST 2010


If you want to open a file from the server onto the client, you can do it in
one of the two ways...

1. Have a CGI script that can read the file from a path and push the path to
the client in a popup ($cinst.$showurl())

2. Download the file back onto the client (in a temp folder, that you can
get with one of the notations) and then issue the following...

There is a technote article

They should help.

Vik Shah

On 26/01/10 4:06 AM, "Brian" <brian at> wrote:

> I'm using studio 4.3.1 and have a remote form that allows the client to
> upload a file on the server.  I'm also trying to allow the client to open
> the same saved file from the server on the client but it seems to open on
> the server instead.
> Anyone have any experience with this?
> Thanks to those who respond.
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