07: Image quality

Dr Caroline Wilkins caroline at ib2bsystems.com
Mon Jan 25 10:27:42 EST 2010

Dear Listers,

I am opening a jpg in using the following:

                 Format variable FVIMAGE (Picture)
                 Format variable FVPATH (Character   10000000)
                 Calculate FVIMAGE as getpicfromimage(FVPATH,1) (Redraw 
field,All windows)

The original jpg is a lovely high res photo, but what gets displayed in 
the field is a hideous looking low-res version of the jpg. Why is that?

I am then saving the image to a df1 Picture field for retrieval and 
later display in windows and reports.

Is there some way of achieving the same result (i.e. read image from 
file, save to file, retrieve from file and display in windows and 
reports) but whilst maintaining the image quality?

Many thanks for any help or input


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