O7: Fontsize and style in email

Alain Stouder omnis at smartway.ch
Mon Jan 25 06:49:12 EST 2010

What about Textedit/Acwrite from Stefan Csomor? It works on Omnis 7.

Learn something new everyday!

On 25 janv. 2010, at 11:11, Geir Fjærli <omnis at sunshinedata.com> wrote:

> A customer is sending emails from their Omnis 7 application. Now  
> they are asking if it  is possible to set the font size and style of  
> the email text. Short of rewriting the code to produce HTML  
> formatted emails, is there a way to do this?
> If not (as I suspect), does anyone have some code snippets for  
> generating the required headers and multipart settings that they  
> care to share? I can write them myself of course, but I don't want  
> to reinvent the wheel.
> TIA,
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